How to bind 2 WAN 1 LAN ?

George Vieira
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 08:04:11 +1100

You need a combination of iptables and iproute2 to do what you want =
routing is based on it's DESTINATION address and you need to route on =
SOURCE address so it uses a different route depending on which source =
IP is
in the packet..

Refer to this page which is sort of what you want BUT not exact. It'll =
you some ideas...

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Subject: How to bind 2 WAN 1 LAN ?

Dear all...

I'm a Chinese and I don't think that my English is well .
But I have a big problem in use IPTABLES .
I've looked all the documents and FAQs , but I can't find a solution to
solve my problem .
At last I decide to ask you in my poor English ...^^||

I have a Linux server (Turbo Linux7.0 in kernel 2.4.9-3) to be my NAT =
I have make it running iptables-1.2.2-6 .
It have 3 NIC(Network interface Card) eth0.eth1.eth2 .
I have 1 LAN and 2 WAN interface they are and =
ADSL (one of my ADSL is pppoe another one is static IP) .
Now I want to bind thy all in my NAT server .
I rty to cut my LAN to 4 part are & & & .

That I wish the preceding 3 part go out and in with the pppoe ADSL =
and the final part go through with static IP(because they are my =
servers) .

My biggest problem is in Linux I can't set the default gateway =
otherwise the
ppp0 will not work .
But if ppp0 is working I can't find who to make my final part
( go through the eth0 out or aome in  ...-.-"

I have do my best to explain my problem .
If you can't understand my question maybe can find somebody who know my
English or can talk in Chinese will better .

Sincerely yours
thanks a lot...^^

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