[ADMINISTRATIVE] Mailinglist problems / delays

Harald Welte laforge@gnumonks.org
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 13:28:15 +0200

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A numerous group of people on the netfilter mailinglists have recently
reported problems with overly delayed emails from this list.  It seems
like I have now found the problem: It was not the configuration of the
MTA (exim), but the TCP window tracking patch from patch-o-matic.

Since the system was rebooted using a kernel without tcp window tracking,=
the size of the undelivered mail queue has decreased by 75%. =20

I am expecting that from now on, the overly delayed emails should stop,
at least starting with the weekend when the pending queue should be worked =

If you still encounter problems starting next week, please don't hesitate
to send me emails with the exact headers/mails so I can try to debug the

Please note that I will be attending Linux-Kongress (www.linux-kongress.org)
next week, so I might not answer as fast as usually.

Sorry for the unconvenience, thanks for your interest in netfilter.

Live long and prosper
- Harald Welte / laforge@gnumonks.org               http://www.gnumonks.org/
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