[ANNOUNCE] ulogd-0.98 released

Harald Welte laforge@gnumonks.org
Thu, 1 Aug 2002 17:09:18 +0200

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I have just released Version 0.98 of the iptables userspace logging daemon

The biggest new features are output plugins for postgresql and pcap.

The new Version is available as tar.bz2 only and can be retrieved from:

There is a GPG signature for verification of the authenticity of the=20
archive: ftp://ftp.netfilter.org/pub/ulogd/ulogd-0.98.tar.bz2.sig

- Fix MAC address printing if there is none (by Andrej Ota)
- Add PostgreSQL support by Jakab Laszlo
- Add Version Number (-V) commandline option
- Make MYBUFSIZ a runtime config directive (Bogdan Dobrodan)
- Fix daemonize function (call setsid() and close stdin)
- Add ulogd_PCAP output plugin (to use ethereal/tcpdump/... on the logs)
- Update documentation to reflect kernel inclusion of ipt_ULOG module
- Add ulogd_LOCALTIME 'interpreter' for providing the timestamp at the
  time of logging (Florent Aide)
- Fix ulogd_LOGEMU 'PROTO=3D' printing in case of unknown l4 protocol
- Add support for non-forking mode and logging to stderr (Alessandro Bono)

Thanks for all your patience with my not-so-frequend release cycle.

Live long and prosper
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